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Impact & Sustainability

Anchored in the Spirit of the Community, Pure Africa has its heart in the right place with deeply embedded sustainable practices and an unwavering commitment to the environment.

GreenLine Africa

Greenline Africa is a local community based organisation working with youth, women and children in and around Victoria Falls and Livingstone. Their vision is to create a better life for marginalised communities in Africa. Greenline Africa projects include building schools and playgrounds, developing vegetable gardens, water and sanitation, recycling and Gogo (grandmother) and orphan support. They also focus on biodiversity and human-wildlife conflict, doing work in both spheres.

Our Contribution

We are deeply committed to playing an active role in supporting Greenline Africa, one that goes beyond our monthly monetary contributions. We purchase vegetables and fruits grown by local farmers who are part of the Greenline Africa program that teaches, provides start-up finance and creates a market for their produce. In addition, we manufactured all the new furniture items on the luxury deck of the Zambezi Explorer in conjunction with a women workshop project lead by Greenline Africa. In this recent collaboration Pure Africa did the designs while Greenline Africa handled the production.

67 Blankets

67 Blankets was started in December of 2013 by Carolyn Steyn in honour of Nelson Mandela Day.

Since its inception, 67 Blankets has transformed into what some are calling a ‘movement’ – a movement that has captured the attention of many.

And over the years this initiative has grown into a global movement mobilizing thousands of active members in South Africa and around the world to crochet and knit blankets and scarves made with love with their own hands, at the same time demonstrating the true meaning of ‘Ubuntu.’ Up to date, 67 Blankets has distributed well over 167,000 handmade blankets, and hundreds of thousands of scarves to those in need, setting four Guinness World Records in the process.

Elisabeth Curiger the Zimbabwean ambassador for 67 blankets, is proud to be working in conjunction with Greenline Africa in Victoria Falls and assist in the support they need to contribute to the 67 Blankets campaign for those in need in Zimbabwe.

Green tourism

At Pure Africa, we are committed to embracing green tourism practices that promote sustainability, conservation, and responsible travel. Through our dedication to green tourism, we strive to create meaningful experiences for our guests. By embracing green tourism practices, Pure Africa is dedicated to positively impacting the environment, communities, and cultures we encounter. We are committed to building a more sustainable and responsible tourism industry with our guests and partners for a brighter and greener future.

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