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The Eatery & River Cruise Combos

Combine Our Most Popular Offerings

The Eatery Dinner & Cruise extends your time on the Zambezi River. Commencing with a magical Sunset Cruise on our flagship Zambezi Explorer, meander through the watery wilderness, passing small river islands and lush vegetation with the spray of the Victoria Falls in the background. Once the sun has set and as the skies darken, you’ll head back to the Pure Africa Waterfront for a seamless continuation to your delicious al fresco dinner at The Eatery. One experience that allows you to spend the whole evening and into the night, with us. After all, why choose one when you can have both.

A trademark combination of our two distinctly Pure Africa experiences, The Eatery Pot & Cruise allows you an extended period on the Zambezi River. Arrive at the Pure Africa Waterfront for your Sunset Cruise onboard the Zambezi Explorer, soaking up the ambiance as the colours of the sky turn to burnt orange before the day sees the last of the light. After your cruise, return to The Eatery where a selection of delicious stews prepared traditionally in potjie pots and left to simmer to perfection, will be served. The potjie dishes offered are Beef, Chicken and Vegetarian, each bringing their own distinct taste of wood-smoked Africa.

This experience combines a compelling Sunset Cruise on one of our flagship Zambezi Explorer ‘Luxury Decks’ with a delicious three-course dinner on the banks of the iconic Zambezi River at The Eatery at the Pure Africa Waterfront.
This specifically designed experience pairs the utter sophistication of a Sunset Cruise onboard our flagship Zambezi Explorer ‘Signature Deck’ with an unmatched al fresco dinner at The Eatery at our Pure Africa Waterfront.
Start your evening with a compelling Sunset Cruise on one of our flagship Zambezi Explorer ‘Luxury Decks’, before returning to The Eatery at the Pure Africa Waterfront to indulge in an al fresco dinner of delicious traditionally prepared potjie pot stews.
The Eatery Pot & Cruise reimagines the Zambezi River experience, combining our Sunset Cruise onboard the sophisticated Zambezi Explorer ‘Signature Deck’ with a distinctly African potjie pot feast under the stars.
An immersive addition to The Eatery Pot & Cruise, the Interactive Cooking Experience has you preparing your own potjie pot dinner under the guidance of the Pure Africa Chef, before embarking on a Sunset Cruise.

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