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This is where it all began: In 2013 Pure Africa reimagined river cruises on the Zambezi as a bespoke luxury experience under the name of its first vessel, the Zambezi Explorer.


Today our fleet consists of four vessels allowing guests to enjoy this tranquil wildlife paradise in a lux environment. Options include Sunrise, Lunch, Sunset and Dinner Cruises as well as Private Cruises.

Luxury Deck Sunset Cruise

Price US$55

Our most popular cruise on the Zambezi River will enchant guests not only with the magnificence of the Zambezi, Africa’s grandest lifeline, teeming with hippos and crocodiles, herds of elephants on the riverbanks and a plethora of birdlife, but adds one important component that makes this cruise truly unique: luxe all-lounge seating, contemporary design and culinary art on board of the Zambezi Explorer. Look forward to a delectable selection of drinks and delicious delights, freshly prepared on board.

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Signature Deck Sunset Cruise

Price US$85

On top of the Zambezi River: The Signature Sunset Cruise simply the place to be on the Zambezi and the perfect choice for our most discerning guests. They can look forward to the magic of the River from the Signature Deck (top deck) of our flagship Zambezi Explorer, while being served freshly prepared canapés and premium drinks. Get comfortable on the elegant couches and enjoy the contemporary décor.

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Dinner Cruise

Price US$75

This river cruise offers everything and more: Not only will your guests enjoy the magic of the Zambezi in the evening hours with a glorious colour palette, unmatched even in Africa, but they will also experience a truly unique four-course dinner. The delectable dishes are all freshly prepared on the boat and paired with a selection of drinks. Where else can you enjoy a 5-star dinner, while admiring the silhouettes of elephants in the sunset and listening to hippos grunting in the distance?

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Lunch Cruise

Price US$65

Around midday, when most of Victoria Falls is resting and the Zambezi is nice and quiet, that’s when we head out for our Lunch Cruise. Our experienced chefs prepare a three-course meal with the freshest local ingredients on board, while drinks are being served and natural spectacles unfold around us. Watch elephants on the riverbank, get up close to hippos and crocodiles and admire the plethora of birdlife, while being treated to a palatable plat du jour and more.

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Sunrise Cruise

Price US$55

There are few things that make getting up before sunrise worth it, but our one-of-a-kind Sunrise Cruise is definitely one of them. The ambiance and tranquillity in the early morning hours is truly magical. Be in awe by the sheer beauty of the mirror-like waters on the Zambezi, its awakening spirit and the fairytale-like colours. The curse of the premature alarm and time in general are both quickly forgotten as you float along the river without any other boats around you. As you are floating on the Zambezi tea, coffee and some small delicacies are served to make the perfect morning complete.

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Fleet List

Zambezi Explorer

There are three decks onboard the Zambezi Explorer. The two lower decks provide a luxury service where guests can choose from an exciting range of beverages and cocktails as well as a selection of delicious snacks. The 'Signature Deck' is the uppermost level and it is pure extravagance with gourmet hors d'oeuvres and premium beverages served from a private bar. VIP guests can relax in the comfort of the deep set couches and enjoy the pleasure of luxury service.


An immaculate, well maintained steel catamaran vessel set on two levels allowing for variance in elevation. A spacious bottom deck gives it a breathtaking river experience with an easy to access rear bar and washrooms. The top level with its central bar, is designed to give every guest an outward view allowing them to freely peer down onto the islands and surrounding riverine as the boat etches on slowly up the mighty Zambezi.

Zambezi Reflections

Zambezi Reflections is a dedicated floating restaurant offering gourmet meals on the mighty Zambezi River above the Victoria Falls. Similar to is sister vessel, The Zambezi Explorer, it is quickly gaining the reputation as the premier dining experience on the river and is perfect for either group bookings or individual travelers. The Dinner Cruise, which combines a Sunset Cruise with dinner, has proved to be a popular option amongst guests due it its great value for money.


On a perfect, sunny Zambezi day, this little vessel will give guests a chance to peacefully and intimately explorer the various channels found here as it idles quietly up or down river. Small and personal, Kalunda comes highly recommended for those seeking a closer look at the nature that abounds on this magical river. Under the care and guidance of our knowledgeable crew, this experience is seconded by no other for its exclusivity, attention to detail and serene nature.

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