Pure Africa
Waterfront Venue

The Pure Africa Waterfront has established a reputation as the most sophisticated open-air venue in the area. Suitable for Weddings, Events & Celebrations, it is also the departure point for our cruises and home to our Eatery Dining Experiences.

With over a hectare of space, 110 m of river frontage, a substantial kitchen and a team of professionals to oversee all arrangements, it is the perfect venue for any occasion. Perched where the first and second channel meets just beyond Kalai Island, the setting has you close to the river, yet only a 10-minute drive from town.

The Pure Africa Waterfront is further enhanced by a decorative stone wall at the entrance to our location with separate defined pathways leading to the cruises and events area with its landscaped lawns and traditional perimeter hedge constructed by Zimbabwean craftsmen. Sustainable practices are adhered to throughout.

Full facilities

Grid power with 60 KWH back-up generator, multiple power plugs

Front of house

Restaurant area, toilet facilities, venue lighting, fire pit, parking space, lawns for marquee set up, rooftop venue spot, boat mooring jetty

Back of house

Onsite kitchen with capacity for events over 300 people, storage and cooling facilities, 2 high capacity ice machines, wastewater treatment plant


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